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Hello, my name is Hajime.
You pronounce it Ha-shi-me!

My love for women's health and my experience from an early age with helping women to give birth to their babies, connected me with becoming a Yoni Love Herbals Ambassador. I can't wait to help you during your journey to OPTIMAL WOMB HEALTH!

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My Story. My WHY...

   My "WHY" is pretty simple... As a mother who has given birth to six beautiful daughters, I have found that being an advocate for women's health is very important. A lot goes on within our wombs as women that we are oftentimes unaware of. Whether we are giving birth, holding onto the energy of others, holding the trauma of past experiences, harboring the energy of our mates within our wombs...  through all of life's experiences we have to find a way to release what we are holding within our wombs. I feel like this is my life purpose; to help women find ways to release what they are carrying in their wombs. Through my years of experience, I have found that the best way to release stress is through our yoni and the sacred practice of yoni steaming. As a Yoni Love Herbals Ambassador, it is my goal to continue to promote natural and holistic therapies for womb health and wellness as well as advocate for women's health. I have a goal of helping to heal a million wombs and it starts with YOU!


I love all of the Yoni Love Herbals steaming blends, but I have a special affinity for the Fertility, Peaceful Perioding, Postpartum, and Yeast blends. Helping women on their journey of fertility/ healing during the postpartum period and their feminine hygiene is my passion. I can't wait to connect with you!

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