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Peace and blessings Queen!

As a woman, but more specifically as an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to create a sufficient amount of money to sustain your day-to-day expenses, let alone to truly create your dream life. Unfortunately, but fortunately, I have had experience with building all of my businesses from the ground up. No one handed me a guide to business success or told me how to navigate the pitfalls of business. I had no starting capital other than the cash in my pocket and my dream clearly defined as my "WHY" acting as the propeller that was pushing my business forward. But there's no reason every woman that wants to build a business for herself, doing something she loves while gaining substantial amounts of passive income, should have to struggle as I did. This is why I've decided to open an Affiliate Marketing opportunity to the women of THIS RED TENT.

When I launched Yoni Love Herbals on May 26, 2020, and decided to bring my divinely inspired yoni steaming blends and other healing herbs to the public, I wasn't working hard on the launch just for me. I was working to build a brand that could be as beneficial to my customers, supporters, ambassadors, and franchisees as it was to me. With all of the women in my community in mind, who are "religious" about yoni steaming, who are driven women looking for ways to expand their current streams of income, and who are passionate about womb health, I HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY JUST FOR YOU!

Yoni Love Herbals has an AFFILIATE MARKETING opportunity that we call the Yoni Love Ambassador Program. As a YONI LOVE AMBASSADOR, you get the opportunity to share your experience with yoni steaming, get discounted yoni steams for yourself from Yoni Love Herbals, and most of all, GAIN MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF $$$ PASSIVELY all from the comfort of your home, or better yet, from the shore of your favorite beach!

Affiliate Marketing aka the Yoni Love Ambassador Program allows you to spread the word about the Yoni Love Herbals Brand to your family, friends, and social media following, and gain money for it. When you sign up to become a Yoni Love Herbals Ambassador, you will be given an "Ambassador Code". Your Ambassador Code will be the link you give to everyone in your following, and when they click your link and purchase a yoni steam from Yoni Love Herbals, we will pay you a commission for getting us a new Yoni Love Herbals customer. It's that simple! As a Yoni Love Ambassador, you can post your affiliate link just about anywhere that you think your followers will see it. There is no limit on how much commission you can make which means you have the ability to scale this "side hustle" as an ambassador into a fully functioning business, easily earning yourself a 5- figure or even 6-figure income! 


   Yoni Love Herbals has two compensation plans for Ambassadors. We understand that some of our Ambassadors are actually already yoni steaming facilitators that own their own yoni steaming boutiques and would just like to offer additional yoni steaming products to their customers or even purchase yoni steaming herbs wholesale to use in their business. If you are an Ambassador that
 is joining Yoni Love Herbals and you currently own a storefront or mobile yoni steaming service, you will receive a 20% commission for all sales generated through your affiliate link. The second option is the Ambassador that is looking to make selling yoni steams an essential source of their income and even own their own yoni steaming business. If you are an Ambassadors that is onboarding and would like to own your own business and build massive streams of income by selling yoni steams, you will receive a 30% commission on every product that is sold using your affiliate link. Whether you are becoming an Ambassador because you want to offer Yoni Love Herbals Products at your storefront or make selling yoni steams a source of income, we've got you covered!

Putting it into perspective... 
   As a Yoni Love Ambassador, there is no limit to the amount of passive income you can make. On average, customers spend about $50 per order on our site and as a Yoni Love Ambassador, you will make a 30% commission on your referred customer's total purchase. Now you may be thinking 30%? Is it really worth it? And honestly, the answer is YES! Let's say you are a Yoni Love Ambassador that is not trying to spend a whole lot of time promoting the business, you just simply wanted to put the link up a couple of times a week on different platforms and go about your business. And let's also imagine that from your efforts an average of 50 people purchased Yoni Love Herbal products per month from the site. Your 50 sales would generate $2,500/ month in sales and 30% of $2,500 is $750! But the reality is, the more you work the business the more revenue your business will generate for you. Yoni Love Herbals has all of the tools in place for you to learn the business inside out and be able to confidently offer yoni steaming products and services to your customers while efficiently representing the company.

   Now let's imagine a different scenario where you're a Yoni Love Ambassador who has a large YouTube or Instagram following or even a Blogger with a huge following. Since you have a large following and you want to make substantial passive income from affiliate marketing, you spend time making videos about the yoni steam that you use, you take pics of you using the product and you even write some blog posts. From your efforts let's imagine that you get 350 customers to purchase products from your Ambassador link and it generates $12,250/ month in sales. 30% of $12,250 is $3,675 of passive income flowing into your bank account every single month!

The reality is, the amount of passive income you make monthly as a Yoni Love Herbals Ambassador is completely up to you and there truly is NO LIMIT to how much cash you can generate monthly! At Yoni Love herbals, we view every single Ambassador as an intricate part of the Yoni Love family and your success in building the dream life for yourself that you have imagined is the most important part of us establishing this business relationship!

Sincerely Your Sister,
Hadidah Williams

CEO of Yoni Love Herbals 
Foundher of This Red Tent


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