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Calling all content creators, loyal customers, and sista's that just simply want to make some cash reppin' the Yoni Love Herbals brand.

In 2023, we're introducing the concept of Yoni Love Herbals Influencers, which is just a fancy way to say Affiliate Marketers! Now you can earn free products and cash simply by telling all of your contacts and social media followers about our products and what makes you love our brand the most!

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Yoni Love Herbals is excited to announce a new opportunity for our customers that are passionate about yoni steaming and their womb health, but not necessarily interested in joining the Yoni Love Herbals sales family. YLH Influencers are customers that try the product, love their experience, become believers in "the process" of achieving optimal womb health with the help of yoni steaming, and then encourage others to try our products, usually through social media platforms.

Being a YLH Influencer is similar to Affiliate marketing but there's one HUGE DIFFERENCE:

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make, EVER!

At Yoni Love Herbals we're committed to providing you and your referrals with quality products that deliver results and positive shopping experiences that make you want to tell everybody just how much you love Yoni Love Herbals! The reality is, you've already been telling your friends, family, and following about our brand, but we think it's about time you're rewarded for your efforts.

As a YLH Influencer, you can:

  • Earn FREE products by referring your contacts!

  • Get 15% OFF on ALL of your own YLH purchases!

  • Maximize your social media following with your coupon code!

  • Get loyalty points for every referral & convert points into cash!

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So Who Can Be A YLH Influencer?

When we created the concept of the YLH Influencer we naturally thought about our 'die-hard'

Yoni Love Herbals customers, but the reality is, any customer can be a YLH Influencer.

To qualify to be a Yoni Love Herbals Influencer you must:

  • Have made a purchase from Yoni Love Herbals within the last 3 months (and yes, if you make a purchase today it qualifies, lol!)

  • Have spent a minimum of $150 with Yoni Love Herbals within the last year.

  • Have at least 1,000 social media followers across all social media platforms combined.

So How Do I Get Paid?

Yoni Love Herbals Influencers accumulate loyalty points, also known as "Punani Points", for every referral that you make to the product that completes a successful purchase. As your points total accumulates, you can choose to redeem the points for your favorite YLH products, or you can simply convert your Punani Points into cash! On average, Influencers make $10/ referral purchase when points are redeemed for cash.

Payouts are made the last Saturday of every month via Paypal as electronic transfers. 

Refer your friends, family, and followers & earn Punani Points.
Convert Your Points to FREE products or into CASH!


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