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A complete Yoni Steaming Facilitator training available to complete at your own pace in the comfort of your home and designed to help you increase your Birthing Business' monthly revenue while assisting moms in healing during the postpartum period.

Becoming a certified Yoni Steaming Facilitator is literally a "charge" from the Universe and every village elder who has ever steamed women in the bush of Africa, helping women heal their wombs from past and present trauma. It's a POWERFUL position and a BIG deal! Becoming a Certified YSF means that you will be equipped with the sacred knowledge of the elders and will be able to pass this knowledge on to the customers and women around you, and help to change the current state of women's reproductive health. Fibroids, Polycystic ovaries, Endometriosis, chronic Yeast/ BV infections, and infertility are some of the leading causes of hysterectomy in women in the US every year. The women of the Wombniverse are working hard to change this current condition by training women worldwide as Yoni Steaming Facilitators. Yoni Steaming works on the physical ailment present in the womb while addressing the psychological and emotional imbalances that caused the dis-ease, therefore providing holistic healing. It is also  very successful wy to assist your birthing clients to transition into motherhood smoothly with the help of our 5-step energy balancing system.


In our Yoni Steaming Facilitator Training, you will be taught everything you need to know about the practice of yoni steaming, get an intense study of the healing herbs used in the steaming process, learn how to attract clients to your birthing business, and give in-depth insight on how to jump-start your business as a Yoni Steaming Facilitator. And the best part about it all is you can study at your own pace while being supported by your sisters in the Wombniverse who have gone through the training just like you!

Making Notes

  The era of the awakened Divine Feminine energy is NOW, and we're saving you a spot in the Wombniverse!

If you have always dreamed of successfully running your own business while positively impacting the lives of others than there's no better time than now to turn your dream into a reality.


   Learning inside the classroom on set days and times at a traditional College or University is on a steady decline, and women are hungrier than ever to learn new skills quickly, at their convenience, and have the ability to apply what they learned to generate consistent cash flow both actively and passively.

   The Wombniverse has created an online learning community that educates our students on various topics to help you master the skills you desire and the techniques to apply these skills to enhance your life daily. Our Yoni Steaming Facilitator training gives you the skills you need to:

  • Learn the practice of yoni steaming

  • Intuitively build a connection with the herbs used during the yoni steaming process

  • Confidently create yoni steaming blends for various ailments

  • Learn the techniques for teaching the art of "Wombversation  " to your customers

  • Confidently launch your own yoni steaming business and scale your business to a profit-generating machine

  • Complete an in-depth study of the herbs used in yoni steaming and their physical and energetic/spiritual benefits


   Wherever you are on your journey as an entrepreneur, our Yoni Steaming Facilitator training gives you the blueprint to a proven business strategy that not only creates a financially stable business model, but that heals womb and creates a life-changing impact on you and your customers' lives. In this course, we provide students with the exact blueprint that Yoni Love Herbals has used to become the world's most globally sought-after and purchased yoni steaming and herbal/wholistic feminine care line.

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Master the secrets of womb wellness from the creator of the world's best Yoni steaming brand.

Hadidah has traveled to 5 different countries to sit with the Midwives, Doulas, and yoni steaming experts to learn the ancient techniques that have been used to heal the wombs of women for centuries in hopes to eradicate the use of hysterectomies to heal non-fatal ailments commonly found in the womb. In this yoni steaming facilitator training, you will be taught everything that she has learned during her own quest for healing and the time that has been spent with indigenous communities learning from the elders. 



   This LIVE training was created so that even first-time yoni steamers can complete the training feeling fully equipped to begin performing yoni steams on the women in their community and build a successful business. In this training, we will cover: 

MODULE 1: An Introduction to the Sacred Practice of Yoni Steaming

  • What is Yoni steaming?

  • The history behind Yoni steaming.

  • What is a Yoni steaming facilitator?

  • How does Yoni steaming REALLY work?

  • My Story... How I turned my pain into my purpose.


MODULE 2: Yoni Steaming 101: An In-depth Study of the Yoni Steaming Process

  • The supplies you'll need.

  • Important facts to know while performing a Yoni steam.

  • Yoni steaming "DOs"

  • Yoni steaming DON'Ts"


MODULE 3: Yoni Steaming as a Ritual

  • Preparing the mind

  • Preparing the body

  • Preparing the spirit

  • A deeper look into the power of water

  • Preparing the space

  • Feng shui- A brief overview

  • The use of color in your space/business


MODULE 4: Yoni Steaming as a Natural Healing Modality

  • The practice of yoni steaming to heal physical ailments.

  • The practice of yoni steaming to balance anxiety, stress, and mental imbalances.

  • Recommendations for Yoni steaming.

  • Intuitively creating specific treatment plans for common dis-eases.

  • Understanding the emotional and energetic causes of physical dis-eases.

MODULE 5: The Precursors to Yoni Steaming

  • Your herbs

  • Your equipment

  • Womb massage

  • Ensuring client privacy

  • Wombversation

  • Temazcal rituals


MODULE 6: Yoni Steaming & Your Herbs

  • Herbs every Yoni steaming practitioner should know.

  • Developing a divinely guided relationship with your herbs.

  • Herb preparation

  • Creating herbal formulas

MODULE 7: Yoni Steaming as Your 6-Figure Business Model

  • The basics of business management

  • Identifying/Building personal brand

  • Location, Location, Location

  • Cultivating customer relationships

  • Customer consultations

  • The Follow-up

  • From courtship to marriage

MODULE 8: Yoni Steaming and Postpartum Care

  • Yoni steaming as a postpartum healing modality

  • Postpartum herbal therapy

  • Sacred womb wraps, aromatherapy, and castor oil packs

  • The Sacred Womb Closing Ceremony: helping clients to come back into their bodies after giving birth

  • Crowned: An in-depth study of the first 40 days following your client's birth and your role as a guide during this sacred time

MODULE 9: Your Postpartum Business with Yoni Steaming 

  • Attracting clients to your postpartum business using Yoni Steaming

  • Increasing business revenue

  • Building your postpartum yoni steaming business plan

  • Marketing your services as a Certified Yoni Steaming Certified Birth Worker


   Whether you’re searching for a way to heal your own womb, share your knowledge with the women in your immediate surroundings, or you’re planning on developing and launching your own Yoni steaming company, our Yoni Steaming Facilitator training is a gateway to achieving your fullest potential and impact on your life and the lives of women around the world.



   Learning all the ins and outs of yoni steaming is the easy part, it's figuring out how you can turn this knowledge into a profitable business model that can be difficult. Luckily, following our week of intense study together you will leave this course with the blueprint that I have used to build the Yoni Love Herbals brand to the massive profit-generating brand that it is. 



   The successful completion of the Wombniverse's Yoni Steaming Training will result in each participant receiving their certification as a Yoni Steaming Facilitator. Your Yoni Steaming Facilitator training allows you to facilitate the yoni steaming process for other women whether you decide to start a yoni steaming business, sale yoni steams passively as a "side hustle", or simply enjoy yoni steaming individually. Certificates will be sent to all students as a PDF via email as well as in the mail to students located in the United States.

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