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"90 Days of Healing"

A challenge created to help you discover the cause of your womb and other health
dis-eases and provide you with the techniques and tools to help you heal holistically.

IT'S THAT TIME... Time to HEAL. Time to CRY. Time to PROCESS. Time to RELEASE. Time to GO WITHIN. Time to TRANSFORM!

For all of the ladies who are ready to discover the true power within their womb, to manifest optimal womb health, and to fully live the life you know you were destined to experience, you need to join this!


Join the Yoni Love Herbals community on our "90 Days of Healing" challenge, which will be an opportunity for you to heal and align your womb through the use of in-depth shadow work, meditation, and daily practices that will test your mental "toughness" and your will power to truly heal your womb. Throughout the challenge, you will learn techniques to cancel out the negative and limiting mind chatter that we all experience as we are manifesting the life we desire, and most of all actually heal the womb ailments that so many of us are experiencing and suffering from in silence.

If you suffer from heavy menstrual cycles, cycles longer than 7 days, intense cramping, yeast infections, infertility, post-partum depression, history of miscarriage, if you have ever experienced an abortion, if you or the women in your family suffer from a history of fibroids, endometriosis or cervical/uterine cancer, if you have ever been molested, raped, sexually harassed... IT'S THAT TIME!!! Give your womb the grace, the support, the time, and the space to be vulnerable and express what she feels, and the help she needs to heal.

Trust me, she will thank you!

Join Yoni Love Herbals and This Red Tent on our journey of womb healing through the alignment of your mind, body, and spirit. During this 90 Days of Healing challenge, you will discover the energetic, mental, and emotional source of your womb ailments, do the "work" to heal and align the CHI in your mind, heart, and womb, and discover the greatest aspect of yourself that is lying dormant within the healed presence and energy of your womb.

Heal Thyself....png

As women, every experience we have gone through whether we perceive it to be "positive" or "negative", every relationship we experience, every emotion, thought, feeling, past and present life experience, every child we have birthed, and every trauma we have experienced... WE HOLD IT ALL IN THE CENTER OF OUR WOMBS! The problem is not that we go through life's ups and downs, the issue is after we experience life's ups and downs we hold on to the energetic and emotional smug in our bodies, and over time if left unmanaged or unaddressed, becomes the physical dis-ease also known as "ailment" that we experience.

The good news is, just because you've experienced trauma in the past or have gone through a rough patch and may not be aware of techniques to help work through this pain, it is NEVER too late! You have the power within your body to work through and release the emotional, mental, and energetic blockages that you have been holding onto, recharge the energy portals also known as chakras, and align the Chi (life source energy) that flows from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet, and fully heal your mind, body, and spirit. 

You have so much to offer the world, get out of your own way and start living out loud!

On the 15th of every month, Yoni Love Herbals launches a new "90 Days of Healing" campaign. To join the "90 Days of Healing", you simply must be a member of Yoni Love Herbals. The challenge is completely FREE, you will only need to purchase the supplies needed for the challenge. It will be 75 straight days of sisterhood and intense focus on expressing and healing the deepest aspects of our wombs. During the last 15 days, we will focus on techniques to help you live in your Divine purpose and how to discover, activate, and live the life you TRULY desire. Your PAIN = your PASSION, your PASSION = your PURPOSE, and your PURPOSE = your PROFIT! Your pain is the reason most women don't truly live the lives that they desire, but it is also the means by which you can live your most passion-filled and profitable life, and in this challenge, you will learn how! After completing the form found at the button below, you will be contacted via email to complete a brief strategy session with Hadidah to formulate a customized strategy for healing and to discuss your concerns and the areas of your health that you would like to improve.


For those members who are suffering from more complex illnesses such as Fibroids, Cysts, Infertility, Endometriosis, deep-rooted trauma from sexual abuse or postpartum depression, we suggest that you consider entering into our 28-day Herbal Therapy Healing Systems under the guidance and instruction of Hadidah Williams, the CEO of Yoni Love Herbals who is also a Certified Master Herbalist, Naturopathic Doctor, and intuitive healer. To schedule a FREE consultation with Hadidah click the button below.

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