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Yoni Love is honored to have the opportunity to help you heal your womb with our specialty Yoni steaming collections.  Not only are our specialty collections healing, but they also help you to relax and unwind, ultimately releasing the stress you're carrying in your womb. Each specialty collection includes a variety of herbs, all selected for the unique characteristics that they lend to each specific collection. Our specialty collections were created to target common ailments that women have been suffering from for centuries and are crafted with Certified Organic Herbs and eco-friendly packaging.



Yoni Love has developed a herbal blend that helps to shrink even the most stubborn fibroids and cysts, and helps to relieve the discomfort associated with uterine fibroids and PCOS. Our "Yoni Love Fibroid/ Cyst Shrinking Collection" includes yoni steaming blends, herbal teas, herbal supplements and affirmations that will assist you in your journey of healing your womb. 

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Every woman that has experienced childbirth knows that the weeks following her labor and delivery can be rough.

Yoni Love Herbals has developed a collection of Postpartum yoni steams, herbal teas, herbal supplements, and aromatherapy womb sacs to tonify your womb, assist in tightening the vaginal walls, and help you to regain the hormonal balance within your womb after giving birth to your bundle of joy!

For centuries women have been suffering from PMS, bloating, and worst of all dreading "that time of the month". But the reality is our menstrual cycles are at the center of what makes us special as women and our distinct ability to continue the human race. Our wombs and our menstrual cycles are powerful, our connection to the Divine Feminine, and a very sacred time. Honor your womb, relieve those PMS symptoms and experience PEACEFUL PERIODING!



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Crossing over into the stage of Menopause can be nerve-wracking enough. Who needs the added worries of vaginal odor, issues with moisture, irritation, and pain during sex? Nobody has time for those random hot flashes that hit you like a tidal wave and make your hair and clothes soaked in 2.5 seconds! Thanks to Yoni Love, menopause just got a little easier with our Menopause Collection of  Yoni Love Herbal Products. Now you can feel empowered instead of plagued during menopause and you can kiss those dreaded menopause symptoms goodbye!



There is nothing more empowering than bringing life into this world as a woman! We pretend to be moms when we're playing house as little girls, we imagine and even plan out what motherhood would be like when we finally meet that special person that we can see living the rest of our lives with. Motherhood for many women is the center of their very existence. Yoni Love Herbals fully understands the importance of motherhood, as well as the difficulty that so many women experience when trying to conceive. So we've developed a collection of Yoni Steams, herbal tea blends, and affirmations to assist you in conception, your journey to motherhood, and to help create a love-infused womb for your bundle of joy!

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Yeast infections and Bacterial Vaginosis are two of the most popular vaginal infections in women today and can cause vaginal irritation, odor, discomfort, itchiness, and sometimes pain when urinating. If you've ever experienced either condition, I'm sure you can attest to the only thing you can think of is, "HOW CAN I GET SOME RELIEF??"

Yoni Love Herbals has developed an herbal blend created to relieve the symptoms, restore your vaginal PH balance, and relieve the irritation and odor associated with both infections. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on over-the-counter solutions or suffer in silence anymore, because we've got you covered with our

Yeast/ BV Relieving Yoni Steaming Collection

Specialty Herbal Tea Blends

Specialty Herbal Teas
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