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Peace Queen/ King,

There's nothing like discovering a new self-care ritual/ practice, being excited to try it and then realizing you have loads of questions! Who has time to search Youtube and Google for answers?!? Your time is valuable and by all means, I'm sure you want to start steaming right away. But don't worry, because I have you covered! Here at Yoni Love Herbals, it's important to us that you feel well-educated about the ancient practice of yoni steaming and empowered through the knowledge you gain to have the most healing and transformative yoni steaming experience possible. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at and I will return your email within 24 hours, but usually in about an hour or so.

Your sis and personal Yoni Steaming practitioner,


YouTube Videos About Yoni Steaming/ Womb Helaing

Heal Your YONI!

Heal Your YONI!

Heal Your YONI!


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SPILLIN' ALL THE TEA!!!: The Real Benefits of YONI STEAMING BEFORE Sex! My experience- THIS RED TENT

SPILLIN' ALL THE TEA!!!: The Real Benefits of YONI STEAMING BEFORE Sex! My experience- THIS RED TENT

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5 NATURAL Tips/ Remedies to Heal Your YEAST INFECTIONS- STOP the discomfort! THIS RED TENT

5 NATURAL Tips/ Remedies to Heal Your YEAST INFECTIONS- STOP the discomfort! THIS RED TENT

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  • I have been struggling for a while now to get pregnant. Do you have a yoni steam for fertility?
    Yes, we do! Fertility is unfortunately an issue that so many women in our community suffer with specifically because they have issues with PCOS, Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids, Cysts, repeated DNCs following miscarriage (scraping the lining of the uterus) and even Amenorrhea (absence of the menstrual cycle). Each of these conditions can cause scar tissue to form within the womb, and ultimately cover the lining in the uterus making it difficult for an embryo to be implanted in the uterine wall and thus preventing conception. So, Yoni Love Herbals has created a yoni steaming blend that helps to reduce the symptoms of the ailments that have been preventing you from conceiving, loosen up the excess lining in the womb, and has herbs that help to shrink masses in the womb. The Yoni Love Herbals Fertility Yoni Steam combines moderate temperature steam and herbs to help alleviate pelvic tension, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation. The combination of herbs in our Fertility Yoni Steaming Blend are packed with ingredients that assist in rebalancing hormones, toning the uterine walls, and aids in tightening the vaginal walls. The Fertility herbal blend also helps to clean the uterus of any energetic or physical blockages that may be present. This blend was created to target hard to reach areas in the uterus where scar tissue tends to form during years of suffering with PCOS, Endometriosis, miscarriages, and abortions. In addition to targeting uterine scar tissue, our Fertility Blend infuses the yoni with herbs that aid in conception and have been used for centuries in communities around the world by midwives.
  • I placed my order 3 days ago and I still have not received a shipping notification. What should I do?
    If you have placed an order 3 or more days ago and you still have not received a shipping notification, please check your spam mail folder. Sometimes shipping notifications from Yoni Love Herbals is sent to the Spam folder. If you have checked your Spam folder and you still have not found a notification, please submit a shipment inquiry in the Live Chat and a customer relations representative will more than happy to resend your shipping confirmation.
  • Which steam should I use to help with my heavy periods?
    Sis I thought you’d never ask! Heavy menstrual cycles plague the majority of the collective and I can’t tell you how many women show up at my spa looking for a solution to lessening their menstrual cycle flow or even to help cut back on the number of days they are menstruating. Our cycles are supposed to be a time of rest and reflection, we should not be spending the whole cycle trying to figure out how we can get rid of “this plague”. The Yoni Love Herbals Peaceful Perioding Yoni Steam combines moderate temperature steam and herbs to help alleviate pelvic tension, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation. The combination of herbs in our Peaceful Perioding Yoni Steaming Blend is packed with ingredients that assist in rebalancing hormonal balance, toning the uterine walls, aids in tightening the vaginal walls, relieves common symptoms experienced in PMS, reduces cramping during menstruation, relieves odor associated with menstruation, and can help to reduce the menstrual flow. There are several herbs in the blend that also help to relieve anxiety, depression, and emotional imbalance commonly experienced during the menstrual cycle.
  • I get yeast infections often. Do you have a yoni steam for me?
    I am so glad you asked! Yes, our Yeast/ BV yoni steam was created for the sista’s that experiences frequent yeast and BV infections and the irritation/ symptoms that are associated with both ailments. When using the Yoni Love Herbals Yeast/ BV Yoni Steam you combine moderate temperature steam and herbs to help alleviate pelvic tension, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation. The combination of herbs in our Yeast/ BV Yoni Steaming Blend are packed with ingredients that assist in rebalancing the vaginal PH, toning the uterine walls, tightening the vaginal walls, removing any overage of yeast found in the vagina, helps to kill the bacteria called Candida Albicans, which is the source of the yeast infection, ultimately allowing healthy bacteria to replenish and restore vaginal PH balance.
  • How often should I yoni steam when trying to heal a specific ailment?
    Throughout my years of helping women to heal their wombs, I have been asked this question a lot. The reality is it took time for the ailment you’re experiencing to develop into a physical dis-ease in the body, and it will take time to get rid of the ailment. The quick answer is about 6-9 months of yoni steaming at least bi-weekly before we begin to see major results, but you may begin to see small positive changes in the womb prior to 6 months. Wait, don’t click off yet, because there’s more to hear… I also want you to know, that there is no heal-real-quick, take a magic pill and “fwa-la” your healed secret to healing your womb. Your womb is carrying the history of every past/ broken relationship you have experienced, every pregnancy- whether you carried full term or not, every sexual partner you have encountered… your womb is carrying it all. So be GENTLE and PATIENT with her! She deserves it! But I don’t want you to worry because there is hope and a regimen for EVERYONE to heal their wombs, regardless of how unpleasant we view the current state of our womb health! So, to answer this question, if you are dealing with an ailment such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids and Cysts in and around the uterus, severe scar tissue due to repeated abortions and DNC’s after miscarriage, heavy periods and clots during menstruation, your doctor’s dreaded diagnoses holds no weight in the Yoni Love Herbals streets! A GENERAL rule of thumb (and yes this will vary from person to person depending on your vaginal health and history), YOU WILL NEED TO YONI STEAM AT LEAST BI-WEEKLY FOR AN AVERAGE OF 25-30 MINUTES PER SESSION FOR ABOUT 6 MONTHS. If you can find the time to yoni steam weekly, then that’s even better! This 6-month period recommendation is based upon my years of experience with helping women to heal their wombs using herbal therapy and yoni steams and the time it took to see major results. But this process could be quicker or longer, depending on your ailments. Yoni steaming works so trust the process. Trust the healing power of the herbs. And last but definitely not least, trust your body and your womb to do the work. Together, we will heal your womb!
  • I have fibroids that my doctor said are huge and calcified. Do you have a steam that may help me to shrink them?
    Fibroid cycts are a HUGE issue for many of the women in our community, but specifically women of color seem to be affected the worse from fibroid tumors. The Yoni Love Herbals Fibroid/ Cyst Shrinking Yoni Steam combines moderate temperature steam and herbs to help alleviate pelvic tension, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation in the womb. The combination of herbs in our Fibroid/ Cyst Shrinking Yoni Steaming Blend are packed with ingredients that assist in shrinking the size of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and tumors found in and around the uterus. This Fibroid Shrinking therapy of applying the herb infused steam into the womb must be done on a consistent basis for the client to experience the best results. Consistency varies from client to client, but a minimum of bi-weekly steams is highly suggested. (Yoni steaming frequency should not exceed weekly applications).
  • I have been experiencing more clots recently after I begin to yoni steam. Is this normal?
    The road to self-healing by way of yoni steaming can be full of windy roads that lead to your major transformation. The reality is that yoni steaming allows the steam to enter ]the womb, settle into the walls of the uterus, soften and loosen up the blockages, old tissue that was not released during your menstrual cycle, scar tissue from miscarriage and DNCs, yeast, and even fibroids and cysts, and help them to come out either while steaming or during the menstrual cycle. So, the short answer is yes, some women do experience “worst” periods because yoni steaming is making your womb do a massive clean out, but the good news is it doesn’t last forever! There is hope and below I give you some tips to help manage the clots and heavy blood flow. When you are menstruating apply warm compresses either with a hot water bottle or a heating pad onto the womb to keep the womb warm, do daily womb massage during the week leading up to your cycle and yoni steam up to 5 days prior to your cycle’s due date. If you womb massage, yoni steam, and apply heat to the womb when your cycle is on, then you will help your womb to release the “clots” that are present in the womb and eventually all of the old lining from previous menstrual cycles that did not shed, and any other blockages will be released during your cycles and eventually in most cases reduce down to no clots and lessened menstrual blood flow.
  • Are yoni steams the same as yoni pearls?
    Yoni steams are non-intrusive steam baths that are applied to the outside of the womb and the herbal infused hot water travels into the womb and helps to reduce/ heal ailments in the womb. Yoni pearls are small herbal suppositories that are inserted into the womb, left there for days, and then removed. Now the major difference between yoni steams and yoni pearls is yoni steams are not inserted into the womb and therefore do not negatively alter the PH balance of the vagina. The reality is, yoni steams actually help to balance the vaginal PH and restore hormonal balance. Yoni pearls are inserted into the womb and in most cases alter the vaginal PH. If they are not sourced from reputable sources that use naturally, unbleached, organic products, yoni pearls can cause other infections and issues to develop inside of the womb. I do not suggest the use of yoni pearls or douches to be put into the womb because the womb has its own natural cleansing system built into it and with the help of some herbal therapy, diet changes, and yoni steaming, any imbalances that are in the womb can be stabilized and returned to a “normal” PH balance.
  • How long does it take for orders to be processed?
    Yoni Love Herbals is striving to process orders as quickly as possible. Our current processing time is 2-3 business days from the day that you placed your order.
  • Can I yoni steam if I am pregnant?
    Yoni steaming during pregnancy is highly discouraged because yoni steaming can cause small involuntary contractions to take place in the womb. So women who are pregnant can experience premature contractions and if you are close to your due date, may even experience premature labor. If you have yoni steamed in the beginning of your pregnancy by accident because you were not aware that you were pregnant, you should be fine and in most cases no complications are experienced. But it is HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED that you stop all yoni steaming until you deliver your baby, at which time you can begin to yoni steam again.
  • How long should I yoni steam during my sessions?
    Yoni steaming itself only takes about 25-30 minutes, but with the preparation of the herbs, boiling the water and doing womb-versation/ womb massage prior to your steam I would allot at least an hour time slot towards each yoni steaming session.
  • What days do you ship out new orders?
    New orders are shipped out Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of every week. Any orders that are placed on shipping days prior to 2pm EST will be typically processed and shipped same day. Any orders that are placed after 2pm EST on shipping days will be placed in the mail the next scheduled shipping day.
  • Can I yoni steam if I had a hysterectomy?
    The short answer is yes, yes, and YES! When a woman has a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), the doctor has only removed the physical womb, they have not removed the energetic womb. If you ask me, the energetic womb is just as powerful and important as the physical womb because this is where every life experience that we have ever had and every relationship, experience of rape/ molestation, trauma from our childhood or previous relationships, experiences of childbirth and every other life situation engraves itself into our energetic bodies. Keeping the energetic womb just as “clean” and upkept as the physical yoni is important. Also, having a hysterectomy only removes whatever symptoms you have been experiencing, but it does not get down to the root of the problem that was causing the symptoms. So, my suggestion to all of the sisters who has had a hysterectomy is to begin your self-healing journey and try yoni steaming as a part of your self-care routine. I think you’ll be happily surprised at how much healing and transformation takes place during the steaming process.
  • My hot flashes are insane! Do you have a yoni steam to help with my menopausal symptoms?
    Hot flashes and other symptoms experienced with menopause are caused by hormonal imbalances. Our menopause yoni steam is a formula of herbs combined to help reduce hormonal influxes that cause hot flashes, reduces vaginal odor, relieves dryness in the yoni associated with lower estrogen levels, and helps to lessen tingling in the nipples that are often common symptoms associated with menopause. The Yoni Love Herbals Menopause steam is also good for helping to regulate estrogen levels which is a hormone that helps maintain the vagina's lubrication, elasticity, and thickness. Low levels of estrogen can cause thinning, drying, and inflammation of vaginal walls, and yoni steams can help to relieve all of these symptoms commonly associated with menopause.
  • How often should I yoni steam as a part of my self-care routuine?
    To be honest, the frequency to how often you should yoni steam is really up to you and how often you like to invest time into your self-care routine. The general rule of thumb is, if your yoni steaming for general upkeep of your lady parts and you are not trying to heal a particular ailment, then yoni steaming once a month for 30 minutes is suggested. But if you are yoni steaming and are embarking on more of a self- healing journey geared towards healing the trauma in your past or an ailment present in the womb, then you should be yoni steaming bi-weekly for at least 30-minute sessions. The other thing to keep in mind while you are embarking on this self-care journey is yoni steaming should be done for at least 30 minutes and if you have the time to do womb-versation and womb massage prior to starting, then that’s even better. Womb-versation connects us to the voice of our womb. Womb massage helps to move the energy and physical blockages in the womb around and loosen them up so the steam that is entering the womb can help the blockages to be released. Both are very important pre-cursors to yoni steaming.
  • I have an issue that I really need to speak to someone about. How can I speak with a LIVE person?
    Here at Yoni Love Herbals our priority is our customer's satisfaction and we can't wait to assist you to help resolve your issue. You can chat LIVE with a customer representative Sunday through Saturday 10am to 12 midnight EST.
  • Can I yoni steam during my cycle?
    No. Yoni steaming should only be done when your menstrual cycle is not present. The best time frame to yoni steam is from the day following the last day of your menstrual cycle up to 5 days prior to your cycle. When you hit the time frame of 5 days prior to menstruation, you should stop all steaming. Also, for those women who suffer with difficult menstrual cycles or PMS, yoni steaming should become a part of your self-care regimen done 5 days prior to your cycle to help manage the unpleasant symptoms you are experiencing during menstruation.
  • Are yoni steams the same as sitz baths?
    Yoni steams are not the same as sitz bath, but the way you administer both is similar. During a sitz bath you sit over top of a large “bowl” that is usually attached to the sink faucet, and warm water is ran over top of the outside of the vagina to help heal abrasions, tears and cuts associated with childbirth. Yoni steams are prepared using hot water and herbs, the client sits over top of the herb-infused water and steams the outside and inside of the vaginal area. Most of the time sitz baths are combined with witch hazel to help speed up the healing process. For women who yoni steam during the postpartum period, an herbal blend that helps to treat the mental and emotional imbalances as well as the physical issues experienced with childbirth are combined into an herbal regimen and used to help heal the womb.
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