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Yoni Steaming Certification for Birth Workers

As a birth worker, one of the most crucial times for the mama's we serve, other than the pregnancy and birthing experience itself, is the postpartum period. As a yoni steaming instructor, womb health and wellness coach, and a Doula, helping to facilitate a healthy and trouble-free recovery period for my clients is my top priority. Over the years, as I have assisted my clients during the postpartum phase and have experienced my own battle with postpartum depression in the past, it became an intimate mission of mine to create a healing system that assists new mama's with a minimally stressful postpartum experience. 


I have traveled to 5 different countries including Panama, Costa Rica, Senegal, Mali and Mexico, to sit with birth workers, granny midwives, and healers in various indigenous communities to learn the sacred traditions our ancestors used to assist the women in the community to fully recover holistically and with minimal difficulties in their postpartum period. What I discovered blew my mind, so I returned to America with a mission to share the knowledge and experiences that I have picked up along the way, to teach my fellow birth workers and hopefully improve the birthing experience of the women we serve. 


Yoni Love Herbls offers birth workers an opportunity to become certified Yoni Steaming Facilitators utilizing the ancient practice of Yoni steaming combined with 4 other womb healing and energy-balancing practices to assist your client in smoothly transitioning into their new role as mother and caretaker. I have utilized this 5-step yoni steaming practice and sacred ceremony to build by birth working business to more than $10k monthly, and I can't wait to teach you how to utilize this system to transform your client's postpartum phase from a space of anxiety and worry into an energy of balanced, empowered, "made-to-do-this" reality.


One of the major things that I have realized that most clients struggle with during the postpartum period besides physically recovering, is the difficulty of "returning into their own bodies" after crossing the threshold of motherhood when giving birth. When a woman becomes a mother, whether for the 1st time or the 5th, every birth is an out-of-body experience. You cross over gateways and plunge into some of the most dynamic aspects of womanhood, and even yourself, that you did not know existed. But the challenge isn't getting to the birthing finish line, the real challenge is, now that your client has crossed over the threshold of motherhood, to help her return to her body before continuing on in her new role as a mother and caretaker which the Universe has called her to be. 

You may be wondering, what is the significance of the mother returning into her body before carrying out her duties in her new role? Mothers often experience postpartum depression because of the reality of motherhood hitting them all at once, in a moment that can feel very unsupported and foreign even if this isn't their first child, while being left to "figure everything out" by themselves. For centuries, women have become the caretaker of the family, looked after their mates, mothered their children, and took care of the household, but all from a place outside of themselves. This happens because they were not assisted in returning to their own bodies after giving birth, closing the sacred portal of birth that lies inside of her womb, and being shown how to serve and care for others from her abundance, not from a place of depletion. If we are not attentive to our clients during this postpartum phase and actually help them to properly adjust, they will find themselves in a position where their role as caretaker has passed because the children no longer need her assistance the same amount as before, and the mother is left in a space realizing that she has created and centered her entire life around her children, her family, and essentially everyone else outside of herself. 

As birth workers, we have the ability to help facilitate the healing process of our clients during the postpartum phase, and for years to come by using the ancient techniques of yoni steaming to assist with a smooth transition into motherhood. Yoni Love Herbls offers birth workers the opportunity to complete a Yoni Steming certification program that teaches how to incorporate the ancient practice of yoni steaming, the sacred practice of closing the womb portal, herbal remedies for postpartum mood support, womb massage, and wombversation to assist clients in anchoring the power within her womb to manifest the life that she desires through the art of Wombverstion and drastically decrease the likelihood of postpartum depression of the client.

"When you complete your Yoni Steming Certification with Hadidah, you aren't just getting the textbook version. She pours her heart into her trainings and you feel like you're in the woods with her, learning from the midwives and healers she's learned with. This training was phenomenal."

-Lisa McGuire, TX

"I suggest this training to every doula and midwife I know, because what you learn in this training will increase your birthing business' revenue for good if you follow the steps Hadidah teaches in this training. My monthly income increased $2k within the first 60 days of completing my training.

The system works."

-Monica Mason, New Mexico

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