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Yoni Love Herbals HUBs

Become a YLH HUB owner and take back your ability to dictate your own future!

Becoming a Yoni Love Herbals HUB owner means that you have the unique opportunity to build  Business2Customer as well as Business2Business relationships, maximizing your earning potential as a business owner!

We like to think of our Yoni Love Herbals HUB Owners as the "secret sauce" of our brand, building dynamic business relationships while running extremely successful yoni steaming businesses, and helping our customers to achieve optimal womb health one yoni steam at a time.

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Who Can Apply to be a Yoni Love Herbals HUB Owner?

   The ideal Yoni Love Herbals HUB Owner is an entrepreneur that desires to own their own yoni steaming/ natural product-based business. Our HUB owners are "people people" who love to network and build connections with people they meet day to day whether it's online through social media, or at their local neighborhood business.

HUB owners also typically enjoy having the freedom to create their own schedule, and are great "self-starters". As a YLH HUB owner, it's not necessary for you to know all of the logistics of how to run a business or how to establish C2B OR B2B relationships because you will receive extensive training when you join as a HUB owner. As a HUB owner, we provide you with comprehensive training on how to operate a YLH HUB successfully, establish business relationships with industry distributors, achieve successful sales using online and in-person strategies, and how to establish positive shopping experiences with customers which keep them coming back time and time again.

What's the Benefit of Owning a Yoni Love Herbals HUB vs a Franchise?

   As a Yoni Love Herbals HUB owner, you get the best of both worlds. HUB owners get to take advantage of the Yoni Love Herbals brand recognition as they establish relationships with customers for both online and in-person sales. But as a HUB owner, you also get to maximize building business relationships with wholesale distributors, brick-and-mortar storefronts, and e-commerce-only businesses. 

   YLH Franchises mainly focus on building relationships with customers through online sales, in-person sales, and by providing yoni steaming services to customers. Yoni Love Herbals HUB owners have the opportunity to become Certified Yoni Steaming Facilitators as well, making offering yoni steaming services to customers at your location or via mobile services an additional form of revenue. The possibilities are endless as a HUB owner for you to make massive income passively and actively in your business. The best part about owning any category within the Yoni Love Herbals brand is you are never left by yourself to master the business during the start-up phase and throughout the advancement of your company. 

So I've Decided I Want to Purchase a HUB, Now What?

   The first thing you want to do is click the "Apply to be a YLH HUB Owner" button below and submit the form that is attached. Following your submission of the application, someone from our Customer Relations team will be in touch with you within 24 hours. Our Customer Relations specialist will set you up with a brief video chat with our CEO Hadidah Williams where you will discuss your goals for becoming a YLH HUB owner. This is a very important step in the process because it is important to us that when you join Yoni Love Herbals, you don't just enroll without fully understanding how Yoni Love Herbals fits into your life goals and ultimately into your financial freedom strategy. Your personal success and development as a business owner are important to us! Following you meeting with Hadidah, you will be able to purchase your HUB and begin the onboarding process.


   It is also important to note that when you purchase a Yoni Love Herbals HUB you have two options for housing your new business. You can either choose to operate your HUB out of a brick-and-mortar location of your choice or establish a HUB in one of our partner storage facilities. In addition to your physical location, HUB owners receive a personalized affiliate link where your customers can be directed to purchase from you online. Purchases made through your affiliate link will be fulfilled and shipped by the YLH headquarters. In addition, all HUB owners receive 30% commissions for purchases made online through your affiliate link as well as 30% OFF of all personal purchases made through the site.


   The Yoni Love Herbals HUB can be thought of as a mini distribution center/storefront supplying the Yoni Love Herbals product line to local customers and businesses. YLH HUBs usually handle orders in multiples of 10 which means there is more potential to earn larger amounts of revenue at one time. As a HUB owner, all product purchases made from YLH Headquarters following the initial shipment will be bought at a 30% discount from the market value which means you make a profit whenever you resale products to customers.


   As mentioned above, HUB owners have the choice of selling products from their own brick-and-mortar location of a storage facility. If you decide you want to run your HUB from a brick-and-mortar location, all of your store merchandise, shelving, and fixtures will be mailed to your location with USPS Priority Mail. With the purchase of your HUB, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to organize your HUB for maximum efficiency as well as weekly trainings with fellow HUB owners to train you on how to maximize product sales and create systems to help you efficiently run your business.


   If you would prefer to run your HUB from one of our climate-controlled storage facility partners, your HUB start-up shipment will be mailed to your home address. You will responsible for transporting the shipment to your storage facility and you will be provided with the best practices for properly setting up and organizing your HUB. 

   Whether you decide to run your business from a brick-and-mortar establishment or a storage facility, we are here to guide you on the best business practices to help ensure your success.  It's important to us that you feel supported throughout the entire time that you develop your business for success.

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How Much Does It Cost to Purchase a Yoni Love Herbals HUB?

The HUB Owner Start-Up Shipment is an initial investment of $2500. Your HUB purchase includes:

  • Customized Affiliate Marketing Link

  • Google Maps listing for easy searchability y potential customers

  • Yoni Love Herbals Welcome Letter

  • Personal Login on the website

  • Start-up video tutorials on yoni steaming

  • Start-up video tutorials on attracting yoni steaming clients

  • Yoni Steaming 101 Handbook

  • Top 4 Product Guide

  • "What's Your Why??" Workbook

  • 150 Customized Business Cards

  • 20 Product Brochures

  • XL Shipment bags for professional packaging of Products, 30 shipping boxes, and shipping tape dispenser w/ 4 refills

  • 15 samples of each yoni steaming blend (7 varieties)

  • 20 mini bags of each yoni steaming blend (15 varieties including the 7 specialty blends, 4 male steaming blends, and 4 detox steaming blends)

  • 20 medium bags of each yoni steaming blend (5 "Best Seller" varieties included)

  • Storage facility if you do not own a brick-and-mortar location (1st-month rent included in package pricing)

  • Shelving, storage bins, and labeling materials for the organization of all products and materials.

  • P.OS. System/ Inventory system for accepting card purchases and tracking product inventory counts.

  • Extensive business development guidance and weekly training sessions with YLH CEO Hadidah Williams

Can you see yourself owning and successfully running a YLH HUB?

What are you waiting for? Apply to join the Yoni Love Herbals sales family as a YLH HUB owner today!

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