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A Birthing Business That Lasts a Lifetime!

She.E.O. by Yoni Love Herbals helps birth workers take their birthing business from a state of low residual income and a lack of monthly clients to a self-sustaining business model that generates client leads with minimal effort and consistent residual income monthly. But that's not all we do, we also help our members expand their areas of expertise, and become certified as yoni steaming facilitators that offer services to postpartum clients increasing their income monthly with very little effort.


Here at Yoni Love Herbals, we understand that as long as you're exchanging your time for money, you are limited in the amount of money you can make in a day, which keeps you in the rat race of working daily, and further away from experiencing the freedom of time and money. That's why in addition to all of the great benefits you receive by becoming a member of She.E.O. by Yoni Love Herbals, we partner you with one of America's largest health and wellness corporations so you can offer "wholistic" and natural products to your client base and earn cash residually and passively month after month. As a member, you will also receive elite business coaching services FOR FREE from industry leader and womb health and wellness coach, Hadidah Williams.


When you partner with She.E.O. by Yoni Love Herbals, we help you maximize your business's potential and create the entrepreneurial lifestyle you have always dreamed of!

We Want to Work with You!

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