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Hello, my name is Malvena but my friends and family call me "Mal"...

My combined journey of weight loss and womb health landed me in the Yoni Love Herbals Ambassador family, and I can't wait to serve you in your journey to OPTIMAL WOMB HEALTH!

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My Story. My WHY...

    I used to have issues with self-confidence and weight for years until I stumbled upon Yoni Love Herbals through the referral of a long-time friend in September of 2021. For years I got teased and overlooked because of the way I looked and that weighed on me heavily. As I got older, the weight and lack of self-confidence weighed on me in other ways, One of which was my suffering from fibroid and cysts. I had Myomectomy Surgery (removal of fibroids by cutting the woman along her bikini line) for the first time in 2013. My doctors told me that my weight would make the fibroids come back and it did! In 2016, they had increased in size and there were multiple. This was my second bout. There was no real connection as to why or how (maybe genetics?) we get them in the first place. Infertility for women at a certain age like mine (now 41) that never had a pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, and are in overall good health is a problem. I moved just a little over a year ago for a new start in a not-so-new or unfamiliar city. I’m single, 41yrs old, and looking to change my prior story. I want a family, a change in my surroundings, and my way of thinking. I also changed my lifestyle in Mind, Body, and Spirit. I used to be 265lbs at my heaviest back in 2017. I lost over 50lbs in the last year due to my willingness to change my lifestyle, eating and workout habits, and consistency. Also lots of self-love! I'm now 213 pounds, confident and comfortable in myself and my abilities to want more and do more.


    These last two years have bought me a whirlwind of changes for the better. Once I decided to put self and health first, it was like the heavens opened and granted my wishes. It aligned me with better relationships with like-minded people (soul tribe), products, and determination to make things happen for myself. I feel like women like me in their 30s and 40s want to see about alternatives to surgical procedures that could potentially damage us even more! I believe that education on a woman’s body and womb health is vital to our existence since so many black and brown women either don’t know and are suffering in silence or they feel like they have no one to turn to for guidance. I want to help, I want to take my experience and the Yoni Love Herbals product line and Total Life Changes Internationally because my experience with both companies has brought me better health, a more well-rounded understanding of womb health, and a change in my womb health. I have a plan to take the products to Africa in the coming months to aid the cause. I feel I was called to be a light to give encouragement and knowledge through experience. I can't help but feel like being a Yoni Love Herbal Ambassador is a part of my God-given purpose! 


I'm always looking forward to speaking with women who are looking for ways to heal their wombs. I know and love all of our steaming blends, but my specialty is working with women who need the Fertility, Firboid & Cyst Shrinking Blends and possibly even weight loss coaching to reach their goals in their weight loss journey and womb health. Let's connect!

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