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Everything in the Universe must go through a cycle of "death" also known as inner reflection, the planting of seeds in the Spring which blooms into buds of possibility in the Summer, and yields large fields of harvested abundance during the Fall. This is our season of inner reflection, which gives us the boost we need to continue to create dynamic products which promote optimal health for our valued customers like you! Check out the chart below to see when your order will be shipped.

During our season of inner reflection, all of the products we carry are available for "pre-order" until the week of the Full Moon. When the Full Moon rolls around, site sales will be "opened" at which time we will begin to ship out products that have been "pre-ordered" and any orders made throughout the week with preference given to the orders that have been pre-ordered.

In short, any products that have been pre-ordered throughout the month will be shipped out first, and any orders made the week of the new moon will be shipped out afterward.
We understand that this style of doing business is something that is new to the Western hemisphere and will take some getting used to. At Yoni Love Herbals it is extremely important to us that we follow the natural ebb and flow of the Universe; honoring the moments when silence and "stillness" is encouraged!
We encourage you to join us during this season of inner reflection because it is during this time that seeds of "greatness" are planted and sprout forth proof in the Spring!

We thank you for your continued support, Yoni Love Herbals wouldn't be the same without awesome customers like yourself!


January Week of Full Moon Week of Waning Moon Week of New Moon Week of Waxing Moon Februar
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